FAST was developed to:

  • Increase the speed and flow of information
  • Provide peace of mind to the client
  • Ensure accountability at Inspector level

FAST should be used for...

  • Every default property...
  • In every city...
  • By every inspector...

FAST levels the playing field:

  • Communication & service levels should not vary based on...
    • the territory,
    • the number of properties an inspector has, or...
    • the customer

​​​Day 2-3
Local inspector returns home and sends results

Day 1-2
Local inspector is on the road and receives request at the end of the day

PM Company


OC: Is someone

living here?

The Property Management Cycle as it is Today

FAST web app server

There is no accurate way to verify a property inspector's information or work

Local FAST Inspector

​Day 4-5
Client receives results

Day 2-3
Local inspector attends the property


OC: Is someone

living here?

Day 1
PM Co receives and sends to local inspector

The FAST Advantage

Day 3-4

PM Co. returns results to client


Day 3
PM Co. receives results from local inspector

Day 1

Day 2

Information takes too long to flow back to the client

"There are two major problems facing the P.M industry today."